Project management - Renovation of the common areas and KUPKA C office complex building in Puteaux.



Project details:

  • Replacement of all sanitary and plumbing equipment, all floors,
  • Replacement of sewage/ EV cast iron columns,
  • Replacement of primary ventilation to roof,
  • Replacement of cold water distribution systems,
  • Implementation of a divisional count per floor
  • Installation of electric hot water tank in sanitary facilities,
  • Adaptation of storm water networks in the central core.


Project details:

  • Replacement of hot and cold water columns from the ground floor up to the technical room on the terrace,
  • Replacement of the hot and cold water distribution columns and networks supplying the floors and transmitters,
  • Installation of a radiant ceiling for all office and meeting areas,
  • Replacement of flow control devices,
  • Replacement of control units,
  • Replacement of the control (hardware part with a floor concentrator),
  • Installation of a double flow Air handler unit in a technical room in roof terrace, essential for the comfort of the occupants,
  • Modification technical room on roof
  • Establishment of two double flow air handling units, in order to ventilate the hall and the office spaces of the ground floor to Level 2.
  • Establishment of an air handling unit, in order to break down the R + 1 meeting spaces and part of the west wing,
  • Establishment of a new aeraulic network on specific floors
  • Installation of fire dampers on new aeraulic networks,
  • Replacement of controlled mechanical ventilation networks (CMV) for sanitary areas
  • Replacement of CMV
  • Establishment of energy meters per stage and per fluid connected to BMS,
  • Removal of existing non-functional installations and those not in-line with desired project objectives


Project details:

General Services Works

  • Creation of a “Tarif Jaune” dedicated to the HVAC MSP(main switchboard panel)
  • HVAC divisional electrical panel.
  • Removal inactive protections from the MSP “General Services”
  • Supply laying and wiring of new protections in MSP “General Services”.
  • Divisional electrical panel ” General Services ”
  • Divisional electrical panel (LW)
  • Supply of a 6kVA UPS (10 mn autonomy) dedicated to low-voltage premises
  • High-voltage and low-voltage cable tray networks.
  • Networks of baseboards and electric ducts.
  • Distribution of ” Normal ” Low Voltage networks (vertical and horizontal).
  • Distribution of “Security” Low Voltage networks from inverter installed in the low-voltage room
  • Various power supplies for the technical equipment of the other lots (HVAC, Plumbing, LV, Elevators, …);
  • Divisional electrical panels.
  • Supply, installation and wiring of new protections.

Works in office areas

  • Divisional distribution boards at each level.
  • Low Voltage supply “Normal Network” for the distribution board floor.
  • Complementary earth network for each renovated level
  • Horizontal distribution from floor switchboards
  • High Voltage and Low Voltage cable tray networks per level.
  • Networks of baseboards and electric ducts.
  • Interior lighting systems per level.
  • Safety lighting systems.
  • Light control equipment.
  • Power points, plugs
  • Various power supplies for technical equipment of the other batches (Hot Sanitary Water, dry hands, roller shutters, …).


Project details:

  • Replacement of existing fire safety equipment with new generation system.
  • Control access system for common parts of the building.
  • Replacement of the existing video surveillance system.
  • Implementation of an intercom system at building access points and in shelters for the disabled
  • Installation of a BMS.


Project details:

  • Replacement of 4 elevators.


Project details:

  • Site installations
  • Removal / cleaning