We have experience covering all technical fields and our motivation comes from finding solutions to complicated problems. Alternet is committed to managing entire projects from the definition of technical concepts to monitoring project implementation. All this with a rigorous attention to costs and deadlines.

An entire organisation
for your project

A new Chairman, to keep things going just as they are!

Philippe GIRAULT was appointed Chairman of Alternet on 05/05/2017. Bruno Verron who has future plans for projects in western France will accompany him during the next month.

This is a new step for the company, though very much in line with the dynamism associated with Alternet since its creation in 1992.

Philippe Girault (SUPELEC 93) with his experience in senior management positions will continue to pursue the development of Alternet in partnership with clients.

“I wish to reinforce our comprehensive client offer to help them add value to their holdings and real estate assets. Our ability to work in multi-fluid engineering is recognised by our clients in terms of energy efficiency.  We must go even further offering new digitization services to further enhance our offer and differentiate Alternet!”

Furthermore, to ensure staff reap the benefits of Alternet’s development Philippe Girault opened up the capital to its employees who now hold more than 30% of the company.

 A stronger management team, even closer to its clients

Philippe Girault (Chairman) and Régis Navenot (Managing Director) wish to continue the active development of Alternet by being client-centric and anticipating future client needs through continuous innovation and added value services.

Mr. Gilles Renoult (Associate Director) provides financial, economic and strategic support to ensure our corporate development, the expansion of our technical knowhow and human resources to further enhance our client relationships.


The company Alternet is organized along business lines and technical business units:

  • A high voltage business unit
  • Low-voltage electricity: Security, Safety, BMS, Voice, Data and Images networks and systems business unit.
  • A HVAC – Plumbing business unit

Each business unit is supervised by an engineer responsible for a highly specialized team. This ensures the quality of production, project management and contractual compliance.


Our engineers are specialists that work in teams to provide comprehensive and relevant client solutions

  • 8 HVAC plumbing engineers and 2 technicians.
  • 6 engineers high-voltage and one apprentice.
  • 7 low-voltage electrical engineers.


Our draughtsman / modellers are supervised by a design office manager.

They are trained in the use of AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP and AutoCAD Revit, enabling us to create projects in 2D or 3D for BIM projects.


Alternet has had two locations, in Paris Bordeaux to better serve its clients.


ALTERNET has the following OPQIBI qualifications:

ALTERNET has the following professional qualifications from OPQIBI. The OPQIBI was formed on 3rd January 1969, on the initiative of 3 Engineering trade associations: the CICF, French Chamber of Engineering and Consulting, SYNTEC-INGÉNIERIE, the Engineering Trades Federation and the SNITA, the National Development Engineers and Technicians Association. The OPQIBI issues qualification certificates to companies providing primary or secondary engineering services.

High-voltage electricity :

  • 1405 Study of common electrical installations.
  • 1406 Study of complex electrical installations.
  • 1409 Study of common exterior lighting.
  • 1419 Routine electrical engineering.
  • 1420 Complex electrical engineering.

In low-voltage:

  • 1411 Study of current building management systems
  • 1412 Study of complex building management. systems
  • 1413 Study of common fire safety systems.
  • 1414 Study of complex fire safety systems.
  • 1415 Study of safety systems.
  • 1416 Study of common computer, communication systems and networks.
  • 1417 Study of complex computer, communication systems and networks.
  • 1421 Engineering in simple low-voltage situations
  • 1422 Engineering in complex low-voltage environment

In fluids and climate engineering (networks and installations):

  • 1305 Study of common fire extinguishing system.
  • 1311 Mechanical ventilation and smoke extraction.
  • 1312 Study of heating and CMV installations.
  • 1313 Study of complex heating systems.
  • 1314 Study of common refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • 1315 Study of complex refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • 1317 Study of medical fluids installation.
  • 1322 Engineering in current climate engineering.
  • 1323 Complex engineering.

In engineering works and energy systems:

  • 2001 Engineering for power generation plants using conventional energies.

In assistance to contracting authority:

  • 0103 Technical assistance in project management

In planning – various in coordination:

  • 0301 Planification – Coordination of every day projects.